Sunshield Dapp

The Sunshield Dapp can be accessed on the official Sunshield website. Sunshield.finance
It aims to provide users an easy and friendly way to view the details of their current / previous reward, such as the current collection amount & as well as general information about SSV2.
Additionally, users can use the dashboard to configure the portion of their rewards that they want to re-invest automatically. The Dapp also allows you to choose your reward token by simply entering the contract address (BEP-20 only) of your favorite token then update the distribution. You can receive up to a 100% of your reward as one token for example BNB or more sunshield. If you want to receive both then simply move the slider in the Dapp to the desired percentage. As example you can receive 50% in BUSD if the reward token is changed and then the other 50% as BNB. BNB is the defaulted reward token.