What is Sunshield V2?

Sunshield is a super deflationary token that rewards holders with passive income by auto generating rewards in BNB, SSV2 or any BEP-20 token that holders choose. Sunshield is a community driven project. Soon to be fueled by Earthshield Dex and The Shield Meta Multiverse eco system. Sunshield will have its own exclusive NFT collection that will be hosted on Earthshields NFT platform.

The project involves a unique process that consists of the following functions:

  1. Auto-liquidity: The contract provides additional liquidity periodically.

  2. Rewards: The contract automatically sends out rewards in BNB by default to all users that own SSV2 holders also have the option of choosing another reward then allocating a percentage towards BNB and the other reward they choose (BEP-20 token). The amount of rewards received depends on how much of the SSV2 supply is owned by a holder and the current amount of BNB in the reward pool.

  3. Re-invest: Users can optionally allocate a portion of their BNB rewards to be automatically re-invested into SSV2 tokens or any BEP-20 token. The SSV2 tokens are automatically sent to the user's wallets.

  4. Auto buyback & burn: We included custom tokenomics that buys SSV2 at the current price then those bought back tokens are burned in the same transaction which decreases supply, increase sunshields price floor and makes the token more scarce.

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